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Parent / Guardian

Parent / Guardian (2)


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Read Terms & Conditions of Registration




  1. I give permission for my child to have her photograph or video footage and/or full name appear on MFAC/Flinders Netball and SCNA websites, social media, in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, brochures and associated publications for netball promotional purposes while she/he is a registered player of the Flinders Netball Club.
  2. I understand that with the predominance of electronic devices, Flinders Netball Club and SCNA personnel are unable to guarantee that no photographic or video footage will be taken by sideline spectators at games and/or training sessions. If I have a major objections or my childs circumstances change it is my responsibility to notify Flinders Netball club in writing. Also refer to the 'Flinders Netball Club Information Pack' & 'Code of Behaviour' available from

My Child (player) agree to:

  1. Attend allocations/grading where required and abide by the decisions of the Flinders Netball Club selection committee
  2. Make a full committment to the team and attend all trainings and games for the entire season.  This includes (where possible) attendancewhen l am injured and unable to train or play.
  3. Take personal responsibility for injury prevention and management
  4. Abide by the Flinders Netball Club "Code of Behaviour" which l have read or been read, with the help of my parents and fellow players

I, the parent/Guardian has read and agree to:

  1. Abide by the Flinders Netball Club "Code of Behaviour" & "Guidelines for Parents/Carers"
  2. Abide by the decisions of the Flinders Netball Club Selection Committee whose decisions are final and made in the best interest of the players and the club.
  3. Communicate regularly and openly with my childs coach, if for example my child is unable to attend training


Guidelines for Parents/Carers

How to assist your child this season.

Read Guidelines for Parents/Carers

  1. By joining Flinders Netball Club you have agreed to the "Codes of Behaviour" and read the "information pack" for players and parents available from
  2. Make sure you have the contact numbers for your childs coach and manager. Communicate with them whenever there is an issue regardling your child.  Give plenty of notice if your child is going to be absent from training and/or games.  Our volunteer coaches spend lots of time preparing so its important we value their time.


  1. Training is a time for learning and commitment to the team. Listening to the coach is very important. Attendance is also very important. Do not let your teammates down; be there and be committed.
  2. Arrive at training on time, with appropriate training gear, water bottle and ready to train.
  3. Make sure you are on time to pick up your chiild. It is not appropriate to expect the coach or manager to have to wait for your arrival.


  1. Only the coach is to give directions to the players during the game. Parents/carers are asked not to direct or give advice to players during the game.  Make sure your child goes to meet the coach during the quarter and half time breaks, do not distract them by having them come to you.
  2. Communicate properly. If there is a problem speak to the manager, coach or club committee member.  Be aware that parents/carers should never approach or make comments directed to SCNA officials. Negative comments about another player, coach or official are not appropriate.  It is very important that you set the example in this area and correct your child if neccessary. 
  3. DON'T STRESS. This is not the professional league, its about having fun and enjoying netball.  By remaining calm and demonstrating a positive attitude at all times you are setting a good example and teaching your child an invaluable lesson
  4. HAVE FUN. Get to know the other supporters. Sit together and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your children and their teams.
  5. Encourage and support all players, not just your child or your childs team. Support the opposition as well.
  6. Praise your childs efforts. Make an effort to find something positive to say to your child after every game. "I just love watching you play" says it all. Remember every little bit of positive reinforcement will help boost your childs self esteem and confidence.


DD slash MM slash YYYY

Thanks for your registration.

We will email you payment link to Netball Queensland. Once registrations are closed you'll be notified about attending a grading afternoon, after which players are allocated to teams. Thank you!
Flinders Netball Club
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